Your WeightChoice Program
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You Simply Won’t Believe What You Get for $1

A lot of people, when they see a program like this, want to skim through the whole thing before coming back and working on it properly. But you know what happens? Most people never come back and do that work – and they end up wasting their time and energy.


We want to make absolutely certain that doesn’t happen to you! That’s why your very first module repeats an overview of the entire program, step by step, and also why we give you a full month to really immerse yourself in the program and actually start to do that easy but crucial work needed to effortlessly change from being a person who can put on excess weight, to a person who simply stays at the weight they CHOOSE, because their deep-down actual food preferences have been permanently and automatically altered.


We want to make absolutely certain that you get massive value for that $1 that has the potential to change your life in the way you CHOOSE.


You’ll get videos, printable handouts, step-by-step instructions, and a small but growing community of fellow WeightChoice members. No strangers spying on your progress or people trying to hook you into their advertising, just a group of very committed people just like you, who want to finally free of fat forever, and live the life they CHOOSE.


Module 1 – Solid Start

We explain the fascinating theory behind WeightChoice and why it works so fast and so well. We also work with you personally to discover your deep-down food preferences and habits, so that we actually know what we’re working with. Every human being is unique, and you are no exception!


Importantly, we go into detail about what’s actually in each of the remaining 7 modules, so that you don’t feel like you’re going into this blind! We want to give you the experience of skimming through the whole program, without actually having to do it, so that you’re completely ready and excited to start actual work.


Module 2 – Instantly NOT WANT Food You’ve Been Eating Too Much of

Just wait till you see the videos of other people who’ve instantly changed their eating preferences and REALLY DON’T WANT the food they used to have too much of!


Almost everyone who is carrying unwanted weight has the experience of eating too much of a certain food (or beverage) or eating it too frequently. We have a technique that we call “Kill Cravings” that works even if you don’t actually have a sense of desire for that food. It works immediately, in just minutes, and is generally permanent. In those videos I mentioned, you’ll see people who’ve taken less than 5 minutes to permanently free themselves of a variety of over-eating issues.


No-one who does this program should EVER consider stomach banding!


Module 3 – Switch Off Emotional Eating Like Flicking Off a Light Switch

Most people recognise that at least some of their eating behaviour is driven by emotion. It could be boredom, sadness, fatigue, or it could be celebration. In this module we help you quickly and easily break the link between that emotion/feeling/state, and food, so that it simply doesn’t occur to you to use food at those times.


It doesn’t get much easier than this!


Module 4 – How Do You See Yourself?

OK, this one’s a little bit deep, but it’s necessary. You see, our “identity”, or how we really see ourselves deep down, including how we relate to those nearest and dearest to us, can act as a saboteur for our success. In this module we look at what makes up our sense of identity, and we also show you a very rapid way to make any changes that you wish, so that you perceive yourself in the way that you want.


This is the one technique that doesn’t have much clinical research behind it, but time and again it’s the one our WeightChoice clients tell us is their favourite. It answers a lot of questions about why we are the way that we are, and then provides a quick and easy solution to making personal changes that we may have desired for a long time.


Module 5 – Instant, Effortless Habit Buster

You know how people say that to break a habit you have to have intense self discipline, and practice the new habit for 21 days? Turns out that it takes zero discipline, and can happen instantly, if you know how. Here we show you how every single habit consists of a sequence of steps, each step accompanied by a particular internal state, and that by picking on the easiest step and using a simple NLP technique to “blow it out of the water”, the habit is broken forever, just like that!


It turns out habits are EASY to break, so you don’t even have to think about them, or try to fight them, ever again.


Module 6 – Your Brain LOVES Metaphor

In this module we share a technique that is particularly good to use before bedtime to help with deeper change to just about any area of life you choose.


You see, many people who do WeightChoice have said to us “this isn’t just about weight is it, it’s really about life” and they’re absolutely right. One of the most amazing results we have seen with this technique is a guy who wiped out his panic attacks in just one go. It’s pretty awesome.


Module 7 – Dealing with Your Nearest and Dearest

Oh boy. Have you ever noticed when you’ve tried to make changes before, whether it’s something at work, around the home, or more to do with the way you act around friends, that people seem to try to make it difficult? Like if you tell someone you’re trying to eat healthy, and after that they seem to spend more time encouraging you to have some cake or hot chips?


Or you actually start to lose noticeable weight, and suddenly your spouse seems crankier than usual?


Or you cook a great delicious meal, but get deluged with complaints because it isn’t fried?


It’s not just you! It happens to pretty much anyone who moves to make changes in their life and it’s extremely well-known to therapists who specialise in relationship dynamics. There’s even a name for how people react to your changes – it’s called “uproar”.


In this module we explain why and how uproar happens, and give you some dynamite tools to deal with it so that your relationships are maintained, but without your having to sacrifice your own values and principles. These include an easy way to say “no” and an easy way to respond to criticism, without offending anyone, and without letting yourself down. A LOT of people find that these tools are terrific for managing relationships generally, so don’t be surprised if you find lots of applications.


Module 8 – Deep Dive

By the time we get to module 8, EVERYONE understands that effortlessly maintaining a healthy weight is NOT just about food, and in fact the food part is just a small part. Now is the perfect time to look at whole-of-life issues, so that it’s literally impossible to EVER go back to living in a way that no longer suits you.


There’s a whole new world out there!


Try It Today!

This radical new program is just $1 for the first month, and you can cancel any time. There are no contracts and you’re free to stay as long as you like, or leave as soon as you like. If you decide to stay, it’s still only $9.70 a month for as long as you decide to stay on the program, and you’ve got an entire month to absolutely immerse yourself if you wish, for just $1.


I can say proudly that there’s no better value in the entire world of weight loss. It’s the only program on the planet which recognises that 98% of people who try to lose weight through eating plans put the weight back on, and that therefore eating plans are a great big waste of time. Instead, we show you how to make effortless changes, that DON’T depend on willpower, to reach and maintain your chosen weight without even trying. You’ll get more proof of that right in module 1.


What are you waiting for, click the “Join” button below and start today!


Special Note: If your confirmation/login email does not arrive automatically. After you have used PayPal to join the program, come back to and log in. You’ll need to use the email address used with your payment, and you’ll need to click “forgot password”. You will receive an email to log in and set a new password. If you wish, you can change your user name after you have logged in. Once logged in, you will be automatically directed to the dashboard of your WeightChoice program.