Yes – FAST weight loss is possible, really
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The “Holy Grail” of Weight Loss is FAST, for Good Reason: We ALL Want FAST!


I don’t blame you for feeling impatient, but hang in there for a moment. I’m not going to dash your hopes and I AM going to tell you exactly what you might like to try in order to lose weight very quickly, but there are some things that you really need to understand first, about what’s possible, what’s safe, and what can bring you unstuck in a big way.


The chances are if you’re a female over 25 years old reading this you’ve probably tried fast weight loss before this, maybe many times, and yet here you are reading about it again. If I don’t explain a bit more, than the method I share with you will just be one more of those failures —- and I don’t want you to fail, I want to help you achieve a weight that you’re happy with, and maintain it without pain or struggle. It can be done!


What’s Possible


Despite what some people claim, you can’t override the laws of physics, and in this case that means the rate at which body fat can metabolise off you! Sure you can lose “weight” very rapidly, but that’s likely to be fluid and muscle and losing those things slows down your metabolic rate and makes you fatter. So there’s no point doing something silly like cutting carbs because although you’ll see a big drop pretty quickly, it’s almost all WATER, not fat.


You DO want to lose FAT don’t you? NOT water, and NOT your precious muscle which burns energy just by hanging on your bones!


So what’s the absolute maximum actual fat that an average person can burn off in, lets say, a week? It turns out for an average person about a kilo. If you’re small like me that’ll be even less, maybe somewhere between 500 and 700 grams.


So apart from cutting off your fat (please don’t!) please understand that even with complete starvation you can only physically lose a maximum of somewhere between 500 grams and 1 kilo of fat each week.


What’s Safe


Do I really have to stress that if you deprive yourself of essential nutrients you can make yourself very sick, and even risk your life? Sheesh! I’ve done starvation, it was stupid, and it doesn’t even work, for reasons I’ll get into now.


What Can Bring You Unstuck


Most people have no idea how powerful their unconscious mind actually is. When you are starving, it will drive you to eat, to the point that many people actually have amnesia for that kind of eating. This is why people who “break” their diet so often go into a kind of beserker mode with their eating, wolfing down whole packets of crisps or whole tubs of icecream or a massive dish of creamy pasta that’s enough for four people. It’s not that they lack willpower or are weak, it’s that they are no match for their own unconscious mind which literally takes over their body.


So don’t think that starving is a sensible strategy.


The other way you can come unstuck is also to do with your unconscious mind and that’s your real, true food preferences. So many people try to remake their eating habits by substituting healthy alternatives and while this sounds sensible (and is what we need to do) willpower fails because your unconscious mind will find any opportunity to move you back to your actual preferences. You can’t change a love of chocolate just by telling yourself to change. And deprivation just causes cravings – it’s dumb.


So I’m going to tell you how to drop fat very quickly, but if you don’t also do the work to understand exactly how you accumulated the weight in the first place, and also deeply change your food preferences (not just kid yourself), it’s going to fail just as fast and you’ll accumulate the fat back just as fast. You’ve probably proved this to yourself many times before.


So go ahead and use my method, and get the satisfaction of fast fat loss, but realise it’s so far from the complete story that it’s ridiculous.


And Get This!


You probably didn’t put that extra fat on in a week, or even a month, and maybe not even in a year. You put it on over time by consistently consuming a bit more than you needed, most days. It might even have been as little as a single extra biscuit, or a single glass of wine, that was over and above your daily energy needs, and it accumulated.


Now, if you just drop that extra biscuit or extra glass of wine, it’s going to take just as long to lose the weight as it took to gain it. So if you want to lose weight faster than that (and most of us do, because it’s so rewarding to look at the scale and see the numbers drop, or to fit back into nice clothes) you have to reduce your consumption quite a bit more, temporarily. And OUCH! That’s usually meant feeling hungry, or even hangry, but that’s what this fast method aims to avoid.


On the other hand if you’re massively overweight because you’ve been eating absolutely massive amounts of food, reverting to healthy eating will see not only that kilo of fat come off every week, but also a lot of unnecessary fluid, so the weight loss may be a lot bigger but the fat loss will be the same.




DO NOT do this without checking with your doctor. There are several medical conditions where this kind of calorie restriction could be extremely harmful and even cause death. I’m not exaggerating!


This method for very rapid fat loss involves fairly severe calorie restriction. There is literally no other way to do it fast and anyone who tells you differently is either deluded or lying. It is absolutely NOT safe to do severe calorie restriction for ANY extended time.


However the method is aimed at reducing or even eliminating the STRUGGLE AND DISCOMFORT of restriction, so that you feel comfortably full and can tolerate it easily at least in the short term, while you do the work necessary to educate yourself in detail about where the fat came from in the first place, and also do the work to alter your food preferences, so that the packet of biscuits in the cupboard no longer calls to you, and when you look at that nice pie in the fridge you realise that you truly don’t want it, and when you see photos of greasy, cheesy food on Instagram your stomach kind of turns. You just won’t be ABLE to eat that stuff any more.




This method is based on shakes, but not ANY of the commercial shakes. I don’t want you to buy any shakes at all because:


  • They still have too many calories
  • They’re outrageously expensive
  • They often taste disgusting


This method requires you to make your own very simple shake that you can blend to your own taste and texture, and it comes in at less than 50 calories. Have a maximum of 4 a day, eating only one modest main meal, perhaps with a glass of wine, for a week, and see how you go. The aim is to keep your calorie intake under 1000 calories a day, including cups of tea and coffee or a glass of wine.




1-2 teaspoons cocoa powder
2.5 tablespoons of powdered skim milk
1 teaspoon of powdered stevia
1-2 cups of cold water
1/2 teaspoon of xantham powder (an emulsifier/thickener for texture)


Put the lot in a good blender such as a Nutribullet and whizz it for maybe 20 seconds.


Obviously you can alter the flavour by using coffee or fruit essences or whatever. Just be careful that anything you add is as close to zero calories as you can get. If you stuff this with a banana, or add nuts or seeds, it’s obviously no longer low calorie.


The xantham is important because that’s what gives you the full feeling – it swells in the stomach. This is similar to kojac powder which you might like to use instead.


So what you’re aiming for is a tasty and satisfying drink that adds the fewest possible calories, enabling you to feel quite comfortable on well under a total of 1000 calories each day, for 7 days straight.




  • Keep a food diary. If you don’t write down everything that goes in your mouth, along with the calorie content, trust me, your brain will trick you.
  • Be active daily but don’t overdo it. A bit of a walk is enough and this isn’t enough food to do strenuous exercise on.
  • Pay attention to your sleep.
  • Pay attention to your stress.
  • Consider trying out the full program for just $1, including access to the support group and the weekly online live video support. The best weight loss is a community effort, so have a think about that ….


I hope this has been useful and that you didn’t come here for “tooth fairy” information, because I seem to spend half my life fighting that stuff. Pills, supplements and devices that are claimed to be weight loss aids are just scams – please don’t buy them. There’s even one doing the rounds right now that claims Shark Tank members invested millions of dollars and that it’s scientifically proven. The whole story is fraudulent from start to finish and Shark Tank absolutely do not endorse it.


Check out our amazing program, called WeightChoice, by clicking the button below, and I’ll see you there!

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