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Christine Sutherland

Founder - WeightChoice

Christine Sutherland is the developer of the WeightChoice weight loss method, and the author of the book "Beat Cravings, Shift Fat!"


When I used to diet I was always struggling. Now, if I don’t eat well for a couple of days, or I miss out on my walks, I just can’t stand it, no way can I go back to my old habits any more.

EG – Perth

I am such a different person to what I was and I can’t imagine going back to that.

TM – Perth

I lost 8 kg without trying to change anything.

ML – Perth

Changes were noticed from day 1. No way could I ever go back where I was.

AB – Perth

WeightChoice was an amazing experience. I look forward to my new approach to personal power and new life before me.

JH – Perth

WeightChoice is the way to freedom from diets and being fat!

DL – Perth

A completely different approach to food and all food related issues.

NS – Perth

I used to crave ice cream, and since I attended WeightChoice last October I have hardly touched ice cream and haven’t really cared either! Which says to me that it really does work!

DA – Perth

WeightChoice turns the concepts of weight loss on their heads to reveal the WHY’S – something I for one haven’t unearthed before.

HK – Perth

I haven’t yet completely lost the need for sweetness in my diet, but I have not eaten a sweet biscuit since.

SH – Perth

Still amazed every day at all the changes happening in my life and I’m not even trying. No diet ever made me feel this way and no guilt or cravings.

AT – Perth

WeightChoice really opened my eyes to many of the issues that have hindered my progress in the past.

SL – Perth

I’ve learned lifetime techniques that I can use in all aspects of my life, not only weight issues.

WM – Perth